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Support the homeless children of Africa. READ OUR BOOKS. A portion of the money people pay for the eBooks/Books will go to the Orphaned and street children of Africa, helping them with the food and shelter. Don't forget to leave a comment. Do you like our website? You can find us on FACEBOOK . Show your support by liking our page for even more updates. Email us for the paperback.

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For the children of Africa


Online Book Lovers
& Readers Club: O.B.L.R.C.

Online Book Lovers & Readers Club is an international club. Membership is free for the authors, the readers and book lovers.

This group is for the authors to introduce their favorite books online, write reviews for the books, and for the readers and book lovers to learn about the new books. It helps the authors to get reviews for their books; especially, for new authors. In addition, it helps the readers to discover great books. It is getting costly for people to write the review(s) for the books. Why not do something for ourselves?

We accept up to fifty books per year. This may change in the future. *Members may bring two or more people to be part of the online group. *Authors cannot ask or contact the members of the group to write the reviews for them. *Readers cannot directly contact the authors. READ MORE...